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Access in the comfort of your own home those life-changing programs by Ireland's leading mind mastery expert. These are digital versions of the acclaimed in-clinic programs. Therapy is only as good as the therapist, for best results consult the best.


The HypnoSlim Programme
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Quit Smoking Without Willpower
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Freedom From Anxiety
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The transformational strategies are presented digitally in engaging video format, MP3S, and e-books. Downloads from this website are UNIQUE. Other websites offering downloads are just offering suggestions in hypnosis to change, These types of downloads have a poor chance of success as there is no cognitive preparation for change beforehand.

My programmes create conscious change through CBT, NLP, solution-focused, and mindfulness strategies before the change is communicated to the subconscious mind while in a trance. This METHOD is highly transformative.

ONLINE one-to-one therapy
The downloads for weight management, quitting smoking, and anxiety are as effective as one-to-one consultations. If you suffer from other perceptual, emotional, or behavioural problems, arrange a Zoom or Skype consultation. The fee per consultation is €100. 

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Michael McGuinness
Consultant Hypnotherapist

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You can contact me at 0861612301 or at support@hypnosisonline.ie