The Freedom From Anxiety Programme

Anxiety is CURABLE

"Anxiety" is the term used for the subconscious mind being scared PLUS the physical manifestations of adrenalin (chest pains, fast heartbeat, hyperventilation, sweating, etc) you create to give you more energy to fight or flee. IMAGE the prescription by the medical profession - take a drug called MEDITATION with a fancy long name because you are SCARED, isn't it better to unlearn the fear? The most recent research shows that SSRI medications don't work - their effectiveness is due to the placebo effect - the success rate is the same as dummy medication. It is extraordinary that people keep taking them even though they say that they are not helping them.

This is a method you won't find in conventional therapy/counselling
. There was a CURE for anxiety before the advent of medication and "talk therapy". This is a method that quickly and permanently helps anxiety sufferers beat anxiety. You have access to the SECRET of the cure in my program.

The Download
It is the ONLINE digital version of the successful in-clinic program. 

Instant download:
*  E-book.
Gives a full understanding of anxiety and an explanation of the solution to anxiety.

*  4 videos. This video program is the CORE element of the program, 40-minutes duration.

*  3 MP3s subconscious programming hypnosis audios to release anxiety and panic. This is the hypnosis part of the program where I guide you into a hypnotic trance and communicate with your subconscious mind.

Get the complete in-clinic program in digital form for a small fraction of the price.
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