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 Michael McGuinness
Rapid Change Therapist


I am a native of Carrowteige, Erris, Co. Mayo. I live in Castlebar where I run the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic. My passion and hobby is digital art. My talent for art was recognised at an early age but for financial reasons, I believed it was necessary to have a paid profession. I trained as a primary teacher and later as a therapist.

In 1995 I created Rapid Change Therapy (RCT). The METHOD uses strategies including hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP, and mindfulness.  Lasting change is achieved through a COMBINATION of change at a conscious level and then this change is communicated to the subconscious using a trance state. You BELIEVE, you FEEL, you BEHAVE. Transforming your deepest held beliefs is crucial for lasting change, and it is the one area that is not addressed in other programmes. 

The goal of this website is to create a resource to help people break free from the limiting perceptual, emotional, and behavioural problems they encounter in their lives. I will be adding additional resources over time.

I created the HypnoSlim programme in 1995, a programme that is unrivalled as a weight management programme. I created the Freedom From Anxiety programme in 1998 and Quit Smoking Without Willpower in 2000. When you reprogramme the mind change is EASY. When you depend on willpower, change is difficult and is unlikely to last. Willpower is consciously trying to change what the subconscious mind does not want to change. You MUST change subconsciously if you want to execute LASTING change. I have made the programmes available as a download.