The HypnoSlim Programme
A UNIQUE approach to weight management

The weight loss METHOD
that WORKS!

The TRUTHS about weight loss

You must eat like a slim person to be slim. There is no magic trick, MAGIC fat-burning formula or appetite-suppressant pill, or ANY easy way - period. You have been LIED to by the snake oil salespeople of the fat-burning, appetite-suppressant industry, worth 40 billion dollars - and you have fallen for it.

* You are BRAINWASHED about food. The processed food industry has succeeded in brainwashing people into believing that they are living a life of deprivation without dopamine-releasing food.

* People must learn to manage their emotions without using food to be slim. People now use food as a medication to feel better. Unless this link between emotions and food is broken you have no chance of losing weight and keeping it off.

* Most overweight people have a processed food addiction. Common "dieting" methods will ALWAYS fail in this case, which explains the close to 100% failure rates with all slimming groups, diets, etc. You need a SPECIFIC approach as I present in my program to overcome this addiction.

I created the HypnoSlim Program as an in-clinic program in 1995. While this is a trademarked brand, many other hypnotherapists have taken it upon themselves to use it. Those using the brand are NOT offering the official therapy program and don't achieve the results of the program. I have made the program available as a download to help as many people as possible worldwide.

What you get
Instant download.

Part 1. Instruction on diet and mindset changes at a conscious level.
* The "HypnoSlim" e-book.
* 30-video program of the core elements of "The HypnoSlim METHOD".  I scripted and produced the video program, it is narrated for an international audience by Fiona Holly. The video program is 2 hours in duration.

Part 2. Subconscious Transformation.
* 2 subconscious programming MP3s. This is the hypnosis part of the programme where I guide you into a hypnotic trance and communicate with your subconscious mind.


Don't miss this OPPORTUNITY to transform your relationship with food. My program has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. I want YOU to be another success story. Get the complete in-clinic program costing €400 in digital form.
ONLY €29
(Only the cost of 3 conventional slimming group sessions)