The HypnoSlim Programme
A UNIQUE approach to weight management

The "willpower" delusion

What happens at popular slimming programs? Overweight people get help to FORCE ("motivate" is the term used) themselves to do something they don't want to do deep down. People on those programs DON'T create the MINDSET of slim, healthy eaters - they are eating well against their will, and this is never going to last. WILLPOWER is consciously trying to do the opposite of what you want to do subconsciously. Hence, this is the reason why "dieting" and attendance at traditional slimming programs always fail. My HypnoSlim program can help you create the MINDSET for success.

I created the HypnoSlim Program as an in-clinic program in 1995. The mindset transformation strategy utilises CBT, NLP, neuroscience, mindfulness, and subconscious programming. While this is a trademarked brand, many other hypnotherapists have taken it upon themselves to use it. Those using the brand are NOT offering the official HypnoSlim program. This program is UNIQUE, different from popular weight loss programs, and different from traditional hypnosis weight loss therapy.

What you get
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Part 1. Instruction on diet and mindset changes at a conscious level.
* The "HypnoSlim" e-book.
* 30-video HypnoSlim programme. The "Slim Body Eating Plan" (videos 1-16) and "The Slim Body Mindset"(videos 17-30). The program is in audio-visual form for easy learning. It is two hours in duration and divided into bite-size videos.

Part 2. Subconscious Transformation.
* 2 subconscious programming MP3s. This is the hypnosis part of the program where I guide you into a hypnotic trance and communicate with your subconscious mind.

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