The Weight Loss SOLUTION
A UNIQUE approach to weight management

This e-book has changed the life of thousands of overweight people who failed with traditional weight loss programmes and "dieting". The reason you failed is that the methods you tried don't work for almost 100% of people who try them, they only work short-term. The true SECRET to successful weight loss is revealed in this e-book.

Abstaining from what to want to eat, which we call willpower, is hard and it doesn't last. You must think about your food and health like a healthy eater -  then it is easy, you need no willpower. Do you need willpower not to take a drug you don't use? No, you think about the drug in a way that is different from dopamine-releasing food.

What you get
Instant download.

Part 1
Instruction on diet and mindset changes at a conscious level. 184 pages of cbt, nlp, and solution-focused therapy to help you break free from your self-destructive, abusive relationship with food.

Part 2.
Subconscious Transformation.

* 2 subconscious programming MP3s. This is the hypnosis part of the program where I guide you into a hypnotic trance and communicate with your subconscious mind.

Don't miss this OPPORTUNITY to transform your relationship with food. I want YOU to be another success story.
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Michael McGuinness
Clinical hypnotherapist & Weight Loss Coach
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